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World War 1 Tanks

Archival footage from World War 1 showing early British, American, and German tanks in action. The tank was invented by the British as a way of breaking through German trenches. The Germans quickly countered with tank designs of their own. The war ended before tanks could be used extensively by either side, but it was clear that the tank could restor mobility to the battlefieled. The lessons learned from the use of these early tanks would revolutionize warfare in the next war and lead to the development of the German doctrine of blitzkrieg, or lightning war, which emphasized movement and mobile firepower using tanks and ground attack aircraft working in close cooperation.

Some great newsreel footage of British tanks going into action during World War 1.

World War 1 movie showing German tanks as well. Some of the tanks shown were actually Allied tanks captured by the Germans and put back into service by them.

Animated recreation of the first tank versus tank battle between a British and German tanks during world war 1.